Hybrid & Virtual events at our in-house studio.

In collaboration with Holland Park Media we, as The Hague Tech, established a STUD-IO for webinars, podcasts and other online events. Equipped with high quality audio and visual equipment consisting of up to 4 cameras, 8 microphones (clip-ons, on-table, and handheld), customizable lighting, and more, the STUD-IO allows you to bring your story to life.
An experienced media team will be available to assist you in every step of the way and help you focus on your content and story. The studio is designed in a modular manner and can therefore accommodate a large range of needs, from 30 minute presentations to full day summits. The STUD-IO provides options for both live and pre-recorded material, as well as a mix-and match of live & pre-recorded material.

Choose your add-ons
On request extra layers of interactivity with graphics and animations can be added to lift your webinar to the next level. You can mix and match live & pre-recorded videos and add extra layers of interactivity with graphics and animations to make your webinar or online event stand out. Catering can be provided as an ad-on, with options ranging from coffee and tea, to lunches or a borrel.
Prices start at € 1090,-* for a 1-hour Livestream session with technical support and 1 camera. With exact prices being determined at the hand of an intake by our in-house expert, where customization advice, the number of cameras and hours will be discussed in detail. A quotation with an exact price can be provided upon request.

Host your next virtual event or studio session with us, and we will make sure it will be a success! Our lovely Marketing Communications Coordinator Sophie, will happily answer any questions you might have. Reach out for further questions via

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